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We are located in the Bay Area of California.  We started breeding snakes in 2009.  This is all due to my (at the time) 3 year old son and Phineas.  He had to have a snake.  And what better than to have a Ball Python.  A single 100g normal female named Phineas after his favorite cartoon character.

After Phineas came many others, Ferb our first albino and Balgeet our first pied bald.  Guess what show he watches all the time.   We now house 25 breeding snakes and growing.

We hope to make lots of Pieds and Albinos and many other Ball Python Morphs.  We will do our best to help new breeders get started and help anyone out there with any Ball Python questions and of course supply you with healthy beautiful snakes.






Phone: 650-814-8749

Email: info@29snakes.com


Where to find us...

We are unable to go to the Pleasanton show but are hoping to have enough eggs to be at the Sacramento show in September.  Just FYI that show will be at a new location the CAL Expo in Sacramento 9/28 and 9/29

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