Animal Guarantees:

All animals are guaranteed to be healthy, of correct lineage/morph, feeding on appropriate sized meals, correctly sexed and free of mites. If you are not 100% satisfied please contact us within 48 hours of final sale.


Refund Policy:

29Snakes does not have a refund policy unless #5 of our exchange policy applies to you.


Exchange Policy:

Animals will only be exchanged should 1(one) of the following conditions occur.
1. Death of animal during transport due to faulty packaging, (note that this must be reported within 1 hour of original purchase, deceased animal must be brought back to acquire new animal replacement)
2. Incorrect sexing, (you must be the original purchaser of the animal)
3. During the transaction you notice the animal has mites. (Note this must be observed during the transaction and not after it has been placed in your enclosure)
4. During the transaction you notice the animal has a respiratory infection or illness. (Note this must be observed during the transaction or within 24hours of purchase)
5. You purchased an animal that meets any of the above requirements and we do not have an immediate replacement we will refund your money.


Return Policy:

If you have purchased a ball python from us and you can no longer take care of the animal, we will accept it into our care and shipped if necessary at your expense; you will forfeit all ownership of the animal, including any offspring we produce from it.


Holding with Deposit

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to hold an animal for up to one month.  If the deposit is received during a trade show then we can only hold the animal up to 3 hours unless a payment plan has been put in place.

All specimens are available on a first come first serve basis. Animals are not considered sold until a deposit is received. If we cannot supply you with your animal we will refund your deposit promptly. Deposits are moveable from one animal to another.


Payment Plans:

If a payment plan has been agreed upon between the buyer and 29 Snakes then the following will apply:

Using (30) days or a one month payment plan as an example

With a 25% non-refundable deposit is required, the remainder of the balance is due upon the (30) days closure, failure to pay the remaining balance within the (30) days of original deposit will result in the loss of your rights to the animal on hold and to the 25% deposit you submitted.


Age Requirements:

We will not sell to minors without expressed verbal consent from the named owner/renter of the dwelling prior to delivery of the animal.

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